Unified Payment Platform
With the domestic financial reform process continues to accelerate, there are diversification of payment channels such as the generation two internet payment, online banking, commercial bank liquidation, CAS, third-party payment, message format, business style, deployment etc. There are some similarities and differences in improving the operation efficiency of the teller and reducing the number of tellers. Sunline integrates various payment channels commonalities and differences for the commercial banks to provide a unified payment platform.
It can be deployed independently and loosely coupled.
System processing according to business needs of horizontal expansion. Easy access to new payment channels through integration of business to form a unified standard business processing interface, shorten the construction cycle and reduce the difficulty of maintenance.
Independent business processing and payment channel processing modules. Unified business standard by analyzing the business, providing standard service interface external and is conducive to promote business standardization.
Intelligent sinks to automatically select applicable payment channels to reduce business personnel and customer requirements. Unified cash position management which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of funds utilization.
Unified monitoring function with capital position monitoring, abnormal business monitoring, system operation monitoring etc to ensure stable operation of the system.
Unified reconciliation mechanism for payment channel and the system within the bank to allow unified error handling mechanism and protect data consistency between systems.
Value for Customers
Simple operations, improve efficiency, reduce bank costs, errors and abnormal alarms, position alerts, speed up new system and new requirements deployment and reduce maintenance costs.
Q Why is channel integration important?
A:Effective integration of heterogeneous systems reduce the cost and risk for companies.