Core Banking

In this current competitive environment where disruptive innovation of the banking industry is inevitable, a strong core system is the platform for efficient business operations while continuously supporting agile business development, increasing service capacity and maintaining performance.

Hence, the core system is the decisive factor for business competitiveness. Being responsible for the bank's major accounting and crucial processes, a strong core system should be constructed with comprehensive functions which include scalability, strong data processing capability while being flexible enough to support rapid changes in business demands.

A customer-oriented system with powerful product factory speeds up rollout of banking products, improves the future adaptation of banking services and enhances banks' ability to provide personalized services for customers.
Value for Customers
Convenient and economical.
Hassle-free hardware and software compatibility.
Flexible scalability.
Q Can the system function meet the everchanging business needs of the bank?
A:Yes. With ten years of experience in the project development for more than 40 banking customers, Sunline's core banking system is guaranteed to fully meet the business needs of banks.
Q Can the system also meet the future business development needs of the bank?
A:Yes. The powerful product factory speeds up the rollout of banking products, enhances banks' ability to provide personalized services for customers while allowing quick adaptation of innovations.
Q How does the system counter the need for increasing processing capacity and performance expansion re
A:Sunline core banking system is built with hassle-free hardware and software compatibility. Cluster deployment avoids single point of failure while maintaining infinite performance expansion, allowing flexibility to meet increasing capacity and performance scalability requirements.