Sunline Big Data Business Won Heavyweight Award at DAMA China Data Management Summit
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On October 23-24, 2020 DAMA China Data Management Summit organized and hosted by the by the International Data Management Association (DAMA) China in Jing'an District was held in Shanghai. The conference closely focused on the theme of data management and digital transformation with in-depth analysis of domestic and foreign policies, trends as well as standards in the field of data management, focusing on industry best practices and applications. Sunline is recognized as a leading enterprise in the field of financial big data and was invited to participate in the conference.



During the DAMA Data Governance Awards, Gu Min, Deputy General Manager of Sunline's Big Data Business was announced as the winner of ‘DAMA 2020 Data Governance Expert’ award for his outstanding achievements in the field of data governance. Mr. Gu has focused on data asset management and value applications in the financial industry for many years, providing data management consulting and implementation services for more than 100 financial companies. He also participated in the preparation of a number of national and industry standards, assisting regulatory agencies in formulating data governance guidelines and rating models, helped many banks in completing the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the People’s Bank of China as well as participated in  a number of regulatory agencies’ cutting-edge research on data governance, making outstanding contributions to China's data governance.



On the second day of the summit, Mr. Gu was invited to give a speech on ‘Building Data Asset Management Capability in the Financial Industry’, sharing how can financial institutions' data asset management capabilities be built to help financial institutions carry out scientific and effective data asset management making use of Sunline's rich project experience in the field of data governance.



Sunline's data asset management solution fully integrates business, technology and management to ensure the preservation and appreciation of data assets which includes 8 management functions and 5 safeguard measures. The management function refers to the implementation of a series of specific actions to safeguards data asset management, supporting the implementation of some auxiliary organizational structures and institutional systems for the realization of management functions to fully implement data governance. At present, Sunline's data asset management solution has been implemented in more than 60 pan-financial institutions including but not limited to Export-Import Bank of China, Bank of Zhengzhou and China Galaxy Securities.



In today's digital economy era, data has become a new production factor and a new engine in driving economic and social development. As a leading financial technology company, Sunline has been studying data governance solutions in depth and actively participating in the promotion of national data governance work, helping financial institutions to effectively use data assets to deal with opportunities and challenges under the digital wave and to promote the digital transformation of China’s financial industry.