Refined Management Platform for Bank Network

The digital operation of refine management platform is based on quantitative analysis method to improve network efficiency and enhance the network performance; combined with the GIS system and district, area and population statistics of external data, network location optimization management improves the quality of customer service and provide visualization of geographic data; The spatial data access and network operation data allow receival of bank business inquiries, real-time transaction monitoring and GIS outlets booking application functions.

Aiming at the quantitative analysis of the network focusing on the overall operation and management level of each network to analyze some problems in the management of the network and provides decision support for improving the performance of the network.
Combined with the GIS system, data support is provided for the location optimization of the network. More communication and interaction between the outlets, customers and merchants can be achieved, hence precision marketing and service efficiency can be improved.
With the GIS system, business data visualization, dynamic display of dot distribution, merchant distribution, customer distribution and other business data are achieved.
Value for Customers
Fill in the absence of refined management and intelligent management in the background of network transformation.
With advanced quantitative analysis model and GIS system, it can effectively improve the performance of network, precision marketing and service efficiency of the network.
Q Does support maps show differences between different outlets?
A:Yes. The advantages and disadvantages of different URLs and the best practices can be displayed through the map.