Business Analysis solutions

Provide visual overview of organizational performance for management.
Oriented management as the main objective in the overall design of KPI charts, strategy maps, dashboard, flexibility, interactivity, visualization and improved user experience to assist the financial institutions to determine the changes to the decision-making ability of data analysis based on data from based on subjective experience to be applied in product innovation, precision marketing and risk control; promote business and IT integration, strengthen inter system integration for quantification, automation, personalized and intensive business transformation; to seek breakthrough in the retail banking, online banking and small micro credit etc.

Business analysis platform using DW/BI technology, BI tool interface optimization and enhanced function to achieve target management, powerful dashboard display, good interactive information, business insight, cockpit management and other functions. The system provides a wealth of index analysis functions and methods including index warning, trend analysis, ranking analysis, what-if analysis, multidimensional analysis and association analysis.
Value for Customers
Design financial institutions operating analysis index system to form a unified enterprise indicators, unified dimensions, unified business language, top-down logic indicators, logical relationship; to enhance overall support decision-making ability.
Q What are the platforms available for Business Analytics Solution?
A:They can be implemented on mobile phones, IPAD and PC respectively.