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Integrated Front-End System

Unified front-end processes for higher efficiency business managements

Unified Payment Platform

Flexible parameter configuration to support multi-channel unified access

Bank Teller System

The advanced design to meet all business requirements of banks

Core Banking System - SunLTTS

Product model design to support flexible and scalability on demand

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In adapting to the ever-changing customer demands as well as competing with the disruptive technologies, banks and other financial institutions are starting to rely more on the reliance on digital banking. Digital banking totally transformed the business philosophy of banks by removing geographical limitations and is the inevitable future of financial sector development. Banks are facing challenges to maintain loyalty of individual customers as small-sized enterprises penetrated the industry with Internal financing. As an IT service provider in the banking sector, Sunline draws on the "Digitalisation" concept to integrate and upgrade the online financial services to help banks adapt to the ever-changing customer demands and consumption patterns in the era of digitisation.
According to the specific business needs, it is divided into the consumer financial accounting core system and supply chain financial accounting core system.