Customer Relationship Management System

Build a flexible and extensible system architecture using big data and data analysis applications as well as customer segmentation, profiling, tag library and marketing rules. Strong marketing management including marketing activities initiation, implementation, feedback and evaluation can be built to assist financial institutions in developing a personalized marketing strategy according to the customer segmentation and demand.
Management of the entire marketing process and channels.
Flexible precision marketing management mode to allow implementation of differentiation strategy.
Promote the transformation of financial institutions towards sophisticated marketing.
Layout internet banking to improve customer value and loyalty.
Rich experience in best practices and quick system implementation.

Application Scenarios

Big data precision marketing system can be used in banking, securities, insurance, unit trusts etc by means of data analysis platform and marketing decision engine, active marketing and personalized marketing scheme, cross selling, customer retention, customer life cycle and marketing management of personal financial support, credit cards, electronic banking, internet banking and other services.