Credit Card Core System

The core system of credit card is based on flexible services to customers. It is a customized IT system for banks interested in business innovation. Card system is in the full understanding of the international credit card mainstream products and deeply appreciate the essence of independent design based on domestic business rules with completely independent intellectual product localization of credit card system in domestic market.
Credit card system provides customer management, credit card management, account management, customer information management and general ledger functions; provides the online transaction authorization and service of the bank card in each transaction channel of the issuing bank; Support in the payment application and UnionPay network; at the same time, the system has a flexible parameter system, complex organization support mechanism and product factory based design concept to speed up product time to market.
Package solutions to support card business in a variety of forms.
Product Factory through account attributes, product definition, pricing, accounting methods of configuration parameters.
Multi-tier quota structure to set up customer, account, card mechanism levels allowing control on types of transactions, trading channels, trading media and other aspects.
360-degree instalment service to support the merchant stage, transaction stage, automatic instalment, cash instalment, big instalment etc.
Support real-time online application, online approval, account opening and implement a one-stop card.

Application Scenarios

Traditional banks, bank credit card centre etc.