Banking System Tests
Banking system test services
A complete set of bank application testing solutions has been put forth by Sunline’s test team by referring to latest international advanced testing concepts in combination with the accumulated experiences from years of projects.

Our highlights
• Profound experience and business knowledge in the financial industry;
• More than 10 years of experience in banking system testing;
• Testing methodology and system based on advanced testing concepts and industry best practices locally and internationally;
• Ability to deliver automated test platforms and test solutions;
• High reuse banking system test asset library;
• Dozens of successful financial client testing projects.

Functional Testing
In addition to providing manual functional testing services, Sunline’s has independently developed SunATE, an automation test platform for functional testing, regression testing, automated testing trading systems, automated testing on core business system including online transaction automation testing and final batch automated testing; has been successfully landed in a number of bank projects.
Performance Testing
With the aggravation of the rapid expansion of business volume and market competition, the performance index of the banking system is declining. Reasonable performance index to improve the level of financial services and to ensure that the system is reliable, safe and stable operation is very important. Sunline’s test team has the ability to provide high quality system usability testing, reliability testing, compatibility testing and system capacity planning. The system testing can be developed according to different system structure, business types, test requirements, design and implementation of special performance tests.
Special Testing
Sunline’s test team provides test and maintenance services for different system versions based on business function model and system running model. Rapid regression testing of systems and their changes can greatly avoid and shorten business interruptions. The special tests cover system architecture prototype testing, code testing, environmental testing and standard production testing; these tests strive to find the potential defects due to non-functional architecture and environmental differences as well as insufficient system capacity.
Testing Services
Sunline provides a wide range of test types and different levels of testing professional services to banking customers:

1. Test demand analysis

2. Test program development

3. Test project implementation delivery
4.Test system construction
5. Test project outsourcing and human outsourcing
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