IT Operations & Maintenance
    Sunline provides professional IT operation and maintenance services as well as personalized technical support services. According to the objectives, services can be divided into hardware support maintenance, system software support maintenance and application software support maintenance.
    Hardware Maintenance – Sunline’s technical team will work closely with the original manufacturers in a variety of projects to gain experiences through project integration, providing a variety of services including equipment installation and configuration, data migration, system diagnosis and troubleshooting support, emergency recovery, spare parts support as well as auxiliary fault location services.
    System Software Support Maintenance - Provide installation, configuration, patch update, upgrade, troubleshooting, preventive inspection, maintenance, performance optimization, auxiliary fault location services etc.
    Application Support Maintenance - Application maintenance including but not limited to the following services:
   • Fault location and analysis
   • Functional and ease of use modifications
   • Performance and efficiency tuning
   • System migration service
    • Function extension service
    • Application of new products and technologies
    In addition, these services can be divided into senior service and common service according to the key level of user service. Scope of services can also be divided into comprehensive package service, individual service, or service time.

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